i can't believe it's not that interesting!

i didn't ask for a shrink, that must've been somebody else. also, that pudding isn't mine. also, i'm wearing this dress today because i had a very important meeting this morning and i don't have a crying problem.
i like to talk about myself

Today some of us Root Downers got to go to Avery Brewery in Boulder. These people LOVE BEER and make some truly magical beers. This is the Rumpkin, a high alcohol pumpkin beer that’s been aged in Gosling’s rum barrels. We were the first people aside from the brewers to taste it. It was…ugh…one of the best things I’ve ever put in my mouth.
(that was an explainabrag)

  1. katieparks said: just found a bottle shop here that carries pbr AND 3 from great divide and i think one from avery. WOO
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